Jean Jacques Maignan

Focus on the person: Jean-Jacques Maignan takes a holistic approach to financial planning, wealth management, tax planning, and succession planning. Such planning is particularly complex for growing small to medium sized businesses, contract-based consultants, sole proprietors, and others in need of a strong financial strategy. Where employees are involved, corporate and individual needs must be met to ensure retention, satisfaction, and quality.

Build for the future: Too often, diverse needs and goals on a personal, business or corporate level are addressed separately instead of as an inter-related whole. Being rigorously trained, and fully certified and licensed in financial and tax planning, Jean-Jacques Maignan is focused on helping his clients prepare for their future, whether it is tomorrow or 25-50 years on.

Work with a multi-faceted approach: Financial figures are not flat. They are only part of the complex elements that will lead to personal satisfaction. Present and future needs are evaluated with the analytical and 3-D approach of an engineer while financial strategies are applied with empathy and understanding. This unique approach allows Jean-Jacques Maignan to assemble a custom financial plan based on both the spoken and unspoken needs, goals, and wants of each individual client.

Clarify, not confuse:  As a business philosophy, clarity takes Jean-Jacques Maignan to a higher level of financial guidance. Each person needs to be certain that they are on the course they choose and that is right for them. For Jean-Jacques Maignan, trust should not be blind, but be based on a clear explanation and understanding of the course followed.

Live now, prepare for the future: Whether financial planning, tax strategizing, wealth management and diversifying, or succession planning, every person and business needs to have a program that works with their goals. A multi-dimensional application is best for supporting current needs while building for future plans.

Serve wide-ranging needs: As a front-end financial manager Jean-Jacques Maignan takes a strong lead in listening to individuals and working out custom programs to fit both corporate, sole-proprietor, and individual situations. He also excels at providing back-end support for financial advisors, lawyers, and HR managers needing to offer an expanded expertise to their clients.


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